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The Products

Blocks and Slabs


The blocks of Serizzo from Formazza constitute the main product of the quarrying activity. Thanks to the presence of large rocky benches, they can be produced in series or custom-made, according to the specific needs of the customer and the ongoing project.
The flexibility in production perfectly adapts to various requests.

The Serizzo di Formazza Blocks are also squared using the traditional blasting method or with the more modern diamond wire cutting..

blocchi serizzo di fornazza
blocchi serizzo di fornazza
blocchi serizzo di fornazza
blocchi serizzo di fornazza


With special care and attention, the finest blocks of Serizzo are carefully selected for cutting and slab production. The slabs are crafted in standard sizes or according to the customer’s or project’s specific needs.

In the new processing center, Serizzo slabs can be further treated to achieve various surface finishes tailored to different environments, including polished, honed, flamed, bush-hammered, or antiqued.

lastre di serizzo
lastre di serizzo
lastre di serizzo


High physical-mechanical performance and elevated resistance to wear distinguish Serizzo and Greyline.

The modernity of the color adds a distinctive touch, making these materials ideal for projects in particularly harsh climatic conditions.

Despite environmental challenges, architectural elegance and the prestige conferred to the work are not overlooked.

greyline light polished
greyline light
greyline dark flammed
greyline dark
serizzo formazza
serizzo antigoro