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Colombo & C. Srl

Serizzo of Formazza Quarry

The origin:

Valley of Ossola

The Ossola Valley is a vast alpine valley located north of Piedmont and bordering Switzerland, comprising several valleys including Formazza and Antigorio..
In these valleys, for millennia, the skill in extraction and the art of processing Serizzo have been passed down through generations.
The term “Serizzo” originates from ancient dialectal words used in the southern Alps, particularly in the regions of Piedmont and Ticino.
Therefore, it should not be understood as a precise petrographic definition; at times, it is used as an equivalent of “granite,” “gneiss,” or “gneissoid,” all rocks with a more or less metamorphosed granitic composition.


Colombo & C. Srl

In the land of Val d’Ossola with all its traditions in extraction and processing techniques of Serizzo rock, for over thirty years, culture and mission define COLOMBO & C. Srl.
Currently, COLOMBO & C. Srl owns three extraction sites and a processing center with the most modern diamond wire saws.
The material is selected at the source and undergoes a meticulous processing process, ensuring professionalism and quality in service of every project.

Offices and Showroom At the Headquarters in Cavaion Veronese